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    Shri Satyanarayan Somani

    founder snm group
    • Founder of the group
    • Has a vast experience of over 50 years in the food grain industry
    • His vast experiance & expertise is the guiding force for our industry.


    Shree Satyanarayan Somani, the founder of the SNM group, has over 50 years of experience in whole-sale trade and industry of food grains, pulses, oils, oil-seeds, and cattle feed. Today his active participation and involvement in day to day business activities along with his experience is the guiding force behind the group's success. The Group works on his ideals and his path.

    Shri Brijmohan Somani

    managing director snm group
    • Looks after all the technical aspects of the company
    • Helps us optimize the quality control
    • Looks after the constant upgradations in the group
    • Looks after all the project designing and project management.


    Shree Brijmohan Somani, the elder son of Shree Satyanarayan Somani, joined his father in 1982 and he initiated the diversion in Rice milling sector by setting up SHREE GIRIRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD. in 1995.His constant search to better the operations and product quality has made the group a known name for its quality and efficiency. He specializes in project designing, operational control and quality control and his quest for bettering each milestone has helped the group to maintain its stand in this competitive era.

    Shri Sanjay Somani

    managing director snm group
    • Started with developing business partnerships with the product suppliers.
    • Expertise in accounting and managing company's government affairs.
    • Specialises in sales, marketing and maintaining public relations for the company.
    • His philosophy for building a brand for products has given the group a distinct identity in the marketplace.


    Shree Sanjay Somani, the younger son of Shree Satyanarayan Somani, joined the family business in 1995. He initiated the foray of group business activities outside Odisha and although having covered nearly the entire country, his pursuit of the basic principle that everyone should have access to high-quality products to protect their health and money remains unwavering. He is an expert at promoting new items, keeping existing ones afloat, and pushing them into the market while always looking for ways to better serve his customers

    Shri Piyush Somani

    • Manages the company's marketing and sales.
    • Began with rice exports and now oversees the company's bulk sales.
    • Expanded business partnerships with various multinational corporations.
    • Manages the financial operations of the company's accounting divisions.


    Shree Piyush Somani, son of Shree Brijmohan Somani, joined the group in 2010 after completion of his Masters in Business Administration. He effectively contributes to the administration's smooth operation by bringing innovation and technological progress to bear.
    His goal is to export huge quantities of rice and establish the company's worldwide presence.

    Shri Sparsh Somani

    managing director snm group
    • Joined the group in 2023
    • Aims to start exporting its products directly.
    • Intends to join in the marketing and sales of the company.
    • Seeks to modernise the company's accounting and management practices in accordance with market trends.


    After completing his master's degree in management and international business from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom in 2023, Shree Sparsh Somani, the son of Shree Sanjay Somani, joined the organisation. Intending to contribute his expertise to the company by bringing in new concepts of management. working of marketing plans to focus export as well as local sales at the same time.

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