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    Established as SATYA NARAYAN MAHESHWARI in Kolkata, SNM Group has evolved into a powerhouse in the wholesale trading sector, particularly renowned for its expertise in cattle-feed, oil-seeds, food-grains, oils, and pulses. Our journey of diversification began in 1995 with the establishment of a Rice Industry in Balasore, Orissa. Today, SNM Group proudly operates two large food processing complexes within a 4 km radius in Balasore, equipped with cutting-edge processing and production capabilities to cater to the needs of our esteemed customers and consumers.

    In the present day, SNM Group stands tall as one of the premier agro-based and allied product manufacturers in Orissa, boasting an impressive annual production capacity exceeding 180,000 metric tonnes. Our extensive product range encompasses a variety of Parboiled Rice, Raw Rice, Puffed Rice, Double Filtered Expeller Oil, Solvent Oil, Refined Olien Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Refined Sesame Oil, Double Refined Groundnut Oil, Refined Mustard Oil, Idly Rawa, Rice Flour, Rice Grit, Oil Cakes, De-oiled Cakes, De-oiled Rice Bran, Bio Mass Briquettes, and more. These products are available in both bulk and consumer packaging, ensuring widespread availability across the nation.

    Looking towards the future, SNM Group is committed to relentless expansion and growth. Our upcoming endeavors include the installation of a 5 Megawatt power plant and the establishment of a state-of-the-art food packaging unit by the year 2013. Additionally, we are in the process of venturing into food grain packaging, further enriching our diverse product portfolio.


    Some Key Facts About Us

    • Started of with a trading firm based in Kolkata.
    • Used to trade In variety of food grains
    • Moved to Balasore in 1995 and setup a rice mill as shree Giriraj industries
    • Started with operations of Giriraj and got into the manufacturing of rice.
    • The business looked well and we began expansion and started another ricemill in 1999 under the company snm business private limited.
    • Saw an opportunity by looking at the bi products of rice and setup a oil mill and solvent extraction plant in snm business
    • The product portfolio of the company increased as it started dealing in other products such as mahua oil, mahua doc, ricebran oil, de-oiled rice bran and ofcourse variety of rice products.
    • Looking at the development in the rice section we decided to double our production capacities
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