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 Unit Location  

12 km from Balasore Railway Station on main NH5
At: Patra, Post: Sergarh, P.S. Khantapara
Dist:Balasore (Orissa)Pin: 756060

 Main Products  
Par-Boiled rice, Muri rice and Raw rice, Expeller Double Filtered Oil, Solvent Oils.
 By Products  
Rice-bran (This is also the raw material for our Solvent Extraction Plant ), Husk ( The best fuel for latest FBC Boilers, as well as raw material for Bio-Mass Husk Briquettes ), Broken rice and Pin broken used in beverages, polutry-feed and cattle-feed ), Oil Cakes (raw materials for Solvent Extraction Plant), De-Oiled Cakes & De-Oiled Rice Bran (The high protein polutry-feed and cattle-feed).
 Installed Capacity  
3 MT / hr x 1 Plant for Par-Boiled & Muri Rice
3 MT / hr x 1 Plant for Raw Rice
2 MT / hr x 1 Plant for Solvent Extraction
1MT / hr x 1 Plant for Oil Milling
 Raw Materials  
Rice Milling : Adequate quantity of paddy is available from local surrounding area within a radius of 100 km directly procured from farmers and cultivators.

Solvent Plant : 40% to 50 % of raw materials for Solvent Plant is generated from our own Rice & Oil Mills, rest is easily available from local area.

Oil Milling : Varieties of small oil seeds crops like Ground-nut, Sun-flower, Tilseed, Mahuwa seed, Kusum seed is available round the year.
 Storage Capacity  
1000 MT Silos's of different sizes and shapes for raw materials, materials-in-process and different varieties of finished products. 100000 Sqft covered shed with different loading And unloading points of materials.
 Hygiene & Technology  
A. Plant & Machinery : The Company has all the latest machines like silky polishers, whiteners, pneumatic rubber roll shellers, rice graders etc.

B. Electrical Power Saving Instruments : viz. Capacitor Bank, PLC operated panels, MDI Controller, solid silver coated links, ACB's, MPCB's, change-overs, remote control switches from world leader companies Like Schnider Electricals, Seimens, L&T, Crompton Greives.

C. Fuel & Energy Saving Boiler : 2 Number of Boilers : 6MT / hr & 3MT / hr. The Company installed latest energy &fuel saving package boiler with cost saving equipments like Grundfos make hot water feed pump, Thermax make water softener plant, Economiser for hot water, ash room for recovery of waste heat and to save man power.

D. Processing Hoppers & Coolers : High pressure and high temperatures normally used In rice milling for high production which destroys the nutritional factors like protein, vitamin etc., but the manufacturing process by our company Is designed in such a way that preservers such nutritional factors even at higher rate of production by using the technique of heat recovery units like coolers and intermediate Hoppers as process materials conditioning Bins.

The Company has a section-wise in-charge for production, machine, quality checking, stores, godowns, transport, civil, Security, as well as supervisors and electricians.




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